How To Fix Simple AC Problems Without Calling A Professional

At every change of season, many home owners turn on the heat or the air and find that the temperature doesn’t change. Since most people have very little understanding of how an air conditioning system works, they depend on professionals in Air Conditioning Repair Lakeland to come and make the necessary repairs. Most people don’t realize that there are several things that home owners can try on their own before spending money a professional repair. The following are some tips for DIY AC repairs.

See If The Breaker Has Tripped.

This is a surprisingly common reason for an air conditioner to fail, and many people never think to check it. The circuit breaker is a device in every home that monitors and controls the flow of electricity. When too many appliances are running concurrently, there may be too much electricity flowing through the system, and the circuit breaker will trip, or switch off, electricity to one area of the home in order to prevent an overload. In general, flipping a switch from “off” to “on” is all it takes to fix this problem. However, if the circuit breaker continues to trip, it is important to have an electrician investigate further.

Check The Thermostat.

Sometimes an air conditioning problem results from a thermostat with incorrect settings or dead batteries. It can be hard to see whether the switch is on “cool” or “fan.” Move the switch to make sure it’s on the correct setting, and make sure that temperature is set below the current indoor temperature. If the thermostat is battery operated, try changing the batteries. A quick check of thermostat settings can help a home owner avoid an expensive AC repair Lakeland.

Replace The Filter.

When an air conditioner’s filter is clogged, not only does it allow more dirt and dust into the air, but it also allows the coils to get dirty. When the condenser coils are covered in dirt and grime, they decrease the system’s efficiency significantly. Replacing filters and cleaning coils are both important aspects of AC Maintenance Lakeland, and most home owners can manage those tasks on their own.

Melt Any Accumulated Ice.

In cold climates, air conditioning units can become covered in ice, and this prevents the unit from cooling the house. In general, the simplest way to melt the ice is to turn the system off and let it melt naturally. If the temperature is too low, it may help to run the fan. Visit this site for more information about repairs, maintenance, and AC installation Lakeland.


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